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COVID-19 Melbourne Lock-down and the effects on Dogs

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Dog Grooming in Albury

We have been very fortunate here in Albury. We have been able to operate As Business As Usual - seen as an Essential Service to provide the care and wellness to dogs via dog grooming.

Regular Dog Grooming is a fact of life for our furry friends with most dogs, as an average, requiring 6-8 weekly grooms.

Matted and sore eyes - Clint the Maltese

The problem with leaving their grooming for longer periods of time, can mainly become a form of negligence. Longer Coats become un-controllable and uncomfortable, Nails grow too long, Ears become full with Wax and Anal Glands can impact with the potential of infections. Among many other concerns.

Red Poodle Matted to the skin being shaved. Belinda the St. Poodle

Both NSW and Victoria have in the Legislation a must for owners to look after the well being of their animals - and this includes grooming.

We have now seen first hand the ramifications of dogs not being able to have their Essential Services provided. In the way of Melbourne Stage 4 lock down. As much as owners have well intentions to keep up with their grooming needs - owners just have not been able too. And with some disastrous results.

Many Professional Groomers and Veterinarians are voicing their concern that the so-called non-essential listing for grooming is having on the dogs welfare.

Check out this article from Nine News....

So here is hoping we can keep the COVID numbers down so that we do not have to experience a lock down like Melbourne, for the sake of our Pets.

Very over grown nails. Alfred the Shih-tzu

Stay save and well.

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