Understanding our Cancellation Policy

our time and yours

Communicating cancellations

All rescheduling and cancellations of bookings MUST be made by PHONE. We request this is done over the PHONE to ensure we have correctly adjusted your appointment. For this reason, we are unable to accept emails, an SMS or others means for rescheduling and cancellations.

A minimum of 2 (two) business days’ notice is required for cancellations and reschedules. For example, to cancel a Wednesday appointment, please phone us on the Monday of that week.

Late Cancellations

We understand emergencies and other various things may crop up unexpectedly and are out of your control. Thus, we do not charge for the FULL Service fee. (Unlike some hotels, ticket venues or doctors)

We only apply a 30% cancellation fee to help cover the loss of income and to contribute towards staff wages. We will respect your privacy and will not ask you to explain your reasons as to why you have to reschedule, cancel or missed an appointment.


We expect that all of our customers do their best to remember appointments and to plan well in advance of any changes that may need to be made. No-shows, however, are an expense to our business. If we experience repeat no-showers (more than twice) we will now be required to ask for prepayment over the phone when bookings are made.

How we will help

We know we can count on you to be responsible for your own appointments, but we will also help you remember your appointments by offering appointment cards, stickers, fridge magnets, email confirmation, email reminders and as a last minute reminder the night before, a mobile SMS.

Why do we need to???

We understand emergencies and various things may crop up unexpected and out of your control. A small 30% fee ensures you don't feel bad about inconveniencing our schedule.

By booking an appointment, customers are reserving our staff’s time and determine a portion of our income for that day.

Just as your time is important to you, our time is also important to us.

Cancellations with little or no notice, costs us money as our staff still need to be paid.

We are a small family business trying to make a living, just like you!

Thank you for your understanding