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The Border Bubble is back !

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The Border Bubble is back ! - All is good for our local community.

The reassuring news is the Border Bubble allows our local community to be able to utilize the Goods and Services between Albury - Wodonga plus the surrounding districts.

We are accepting clients from both Vic and NSW - MASKS, Hand Sanitizing and QR Codes are a must.

Please consider all the requirements as per the Health Advice before visiting.

This is what can be found on the Victorian Government Coronavirus website;-

Dated 14th July 2021 -

Advice for cross-border community members

To cross the border without a permit, cross-border community members just need to carry proof of address (such as a driver’s license).

You can read this advice found here;-

In short, so long as you have stayed within the Border Bubble and have followed health advice, use Masks, Hand Sanitize and QR Code Check-ins, you are able to use services in Albury-Wodonga.

We look forward to seeing you, please stay healthy and safe.

For further reading you may visit;-

Maps of Hot Spots in NSW;-

Maps of Hot Spots in Vic;-

However for those that may wish another option, we have available;-

Wodonga Pick-up and Drop-off Service

Great news for our Wodonga regional clients. We have 3 groups that you can call on to arrange a Pick-up and or Drop-off service.

We welcome you to phone any of these wonderful people to make arrangements to ensure your dogs essential services are still met. They will make contact with us to confirm the arrangements with your appointment date and times.

Mary Goring Pet Care
Jess Roberts

Please make arrangements well in advance and please make contact with us for further help.

Miss Lilly traveling over from Wodonga to Albury

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