Cross Border Resident

Cross Border Resident Tuesday 21st July

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And surprise surprise another hiccup... maybe?

NSW Service said the new restrictions were posted to the Permit Site on Monday 20th at 2pm.

We went ahead and checked and it was updated with the option to choose 'Cross Border Resident' along with the top 3 other Media Advertised reasons of Work, Educate and Health. There are 17 options in total you can decide on.

Cross-Border Resident is just that. Wodonga is in Albury's Bubble.

Cross-Border Resident is not one of the other options presented such as Work, Educate or Health.

Cross-Border Resident would stand to reason that if you can apply for this option on the permit you can cross from Wodonga to Albury to utilize Essential Services.

The hiccup is however, NSW Service has announced a new start date to the new restrictions. Today Tuesday 21st July from 4pm.

I would suggest visiting this link to see if your address gives you the option for a Cross-Border Resident permit.....

I would also suggest to those that just fall outside the allowances to make direct contact with NSW Service for special considerations for your personal circumstances.

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