Business as usual, at this point in time.

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Business as usual, at this point in time.

Good news is - we can ensure your dogs essential grooming needs are still catered too!

The efforts amongst our local community to contain the COVID-19are affecting us all in many ways. It is affecting our families, our businesses and our way of life.

Good news is - we can ensure your dogs essential grooming needs are still catered too!

Any business not listed as being restricted is classed as Essential. Other business can also be listed as being Essential. We are classed as an "Essential Service" and legally you are allowed to travel to and from to utilize our services.

It is Essential to maintain your pets grooming. Grooming is as much about aesthetics as it is about your pets health and cleanliness.

WE ARE BUSINESS AS USUAL while practicing Social Distancing and Responsible Health Awareness measures.

We will post any changes as conditions develop.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation. How you can help us;-

  • If you have been to any locations where they are classified as hot spots or exposure sights, we kindly ask you not to bring your dogs into the day spa.
  • If you are unwell or have cold and flu symptoms, please do NOT come to the day spa.
  • We have provisions setup out the front of the Day Spa and welcome you to help yourself to ensure hands are sanitised before entering.
  • Please wear face covering or Masks. ( if you have an Exemption to this that’s fine)
  • Allow a little more time for the check-in / check-out process. We will guide you through the new process.
  • Always bring your dog in on their Lead and Collar and be prepared to remove this when instructed. Just be sure to bring it back with you for pickup.

Please if you have any concerns or worries we would really appreciate a phone call. We are more than happy to explain how we have made the Day Spa as safe as possible for you and your dog to visit.

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