Border Closure how to get across

Border Closure how to get across

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Border Closure NSW-VIC

Latest News on the Cross Border Closure 07/07/2020 7.50pm.

As posted on the NSW Services - Eligibility applies to cross-border residents.

Thus Wodonga residents are allowed to travel to Albury.

We also have clients from surrounding areas (Yack, Beechworth, Wnag etc ) still able to visit us as well by looking into the 10 different reasons to be able to get a permit. ( below is a screen shot of the 10 options)

You do need to apply online via the NSW Service Website.

Simply visit

The NSW Services website is being inundated at present, so it might take some time to get it happening. But don't let this stop you exercising your rights to travel to Albury.

Very simple to apply. Only took me a couple of minutes. Here is an example of my permit once submitted.

Permit to cross NSW-Vic Border

You will need to renew every 14 days, so I would suggest making a reminder on your phone to renew.

10 possible reasons for a border-cross permit

It also would not hurt to  keep a current record of your SMS appointment reminder or Email Appointment reminder to show if required during your transport to and from Puparazzi.

When travelling from Wodonga to Albury.

It is only north bound traffic that they are monitoring. There is a road block south of Wodonga to divert traffic. Trucks will divert and go over the Highway, Cars will divert over the Causeway. On the Causeway there will be two lanes. 1 with permits the other without permits. The without will have the greatest of holdups.

I would suggest printing out your permit and place on the windshield of the car when crossing north bound on the causeway

It is good to now know that your will still be able to utilize services within Albury.

Please follow our posts for the latest information.


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